Ask AAA: When Is Engine Braking OK, and When Does It Cause Harm?

A reader asks: We have a 2004 Honda Pilot with automatic transmission which we drive regularly in the mountains. My husband uses the transmission completely in lieu of the brake pedal (except when approaching a stoplight or sign), and I have NEVER seen anyone drive this way. Switching from gear to gear in very short distances in […]

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Winter Driving

AAA Winter Driving Tips

With winter fast approaching us the conversation of winter driving has begun to surface again. And although many people find it daunting to drive in the winter months, there are a few tips that will make the whole experience a lot more palatable.

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Pregnant? You’re More Likely to be in a Car Crash

A new Canadian study reveals that a woman is more at risk of being in a serious car accident during her 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Researchers discovered that compared with pre-pregnancy, a woman’s risk of being in a traffic accident in her second trimester of pregnancy jumped 42 percent. During the third trimester, it dropped […]

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Autonomous Vehicles – Will They Eliminate Accidents?

At times, you have to ask, “Where has all this great technology brought us?” — and, sometimes, the answer isn’t a good place. Take nuclear power, for example, nuclear power provides a lot of energy; on the one hand, from a climate change point of view, nuclear power does not emit carbon dioxide, and so […]

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Stranded car

Road Signaling Devices – Tips and Safety Advice

It was a rainy winter night. You were struggling to see through the rain on your windshield when it happened. Bang! You hit a pothole that you could not see because of the rain. Then, you heard the “thump, thump” of a flat tire. One of the worst things that can happen in a car […]

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The Oft-Overlooked Dangers of Driving While Sick

You know the dangers of drowsy driving, buzzed driving, and texting while driving, but now you can add a new danger to the list: driving while sick. British parts retailer Halfords has been funding research on the topic, and so far the findings are nothing short of staggering. By installing black boxes in test vehicles […]

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Distracted drivers are dangerous

How To Prevent Distracted Driving

According to a recent study by Carnegie Mellon University, drivers who are distracted by cell-phones have a greater chance of causing an accident than a drunk driver who has a blood alcohol level of 0.08%. While this distraction can be lessened by new hands-free technology that converts emails and texts into voice messages, even the […]

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Driving Can Be Dangerous

Smarter Cars for Aging Drivers

As my elders begin to age, they seem to have more discomfort when it comes to driving. I’ve always noticed a hesitation from my grandparents about going to the store because they “have to get into the car” (their words) to go anywhere. Driving shouldn’t be such a hassle.

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