was created in 2008 to help people with their cars by giving accurate auto advice. We emphasize accurate because there are a lot of people offering free automotive advice without practical experience.

Even worse, a lot of auto advice sites emphasize the negative aspects of car ownership.

Our Mission: Share information that will make the car ownership experience pleasurable and stress-free.

The Editor and Founder

Jason Lancaster
Jason Lancaster

Jason Lancaster started his career in the car business in 1998. His inspiration? Beer money for engineering school. When Jason finished engineering school, he couldn’t quite get rid of the car business. Jason worked for about 10 years in the car business, starting as a salesperson and working his way up.

Very few automotive advice writers can match Jason’s first hand experience working on thousands of car deals. Not to mention his years of dealership experience and insights into the service, repair, and parts business.

Jason has been cited as an auto expert by the BBC, The Fiscal TimesThe Huffington Post, Forbes, Newsweek, Market WatchThe Street, and more. Jason is also been recognized as a top writer on Quora, has been a contributor on the eBay Motors Blog, and on countless other websites large and small.

Other Contributors

A variety of automotive journalists and experts have contributed content to AccurateAutoAdvice since 2008, including guest contributors with specialized knowledge. These contributors include:

  • Tim Esterdahl, a writer for TruckTrend,, and a variety of other publications
  • Elizabeth Puckett, an automotive performance journalist and general auto expert
  • Jamie Alberico, a passionate auto enthusiast with considerable first-hand automotive experience

If you’re interested in contributing to our site, please contact us.