Whether you’re looking for a quote on a new car, a trade-in appraisal, or a finance quote, we’ve got a recommendation for you.

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New Car PricingFinancing Rate DealsReplacement Parts
Used Car ValuesAuto Accessories
Find or Sell A Used CarMisc. Parts

To Find The Best Price On A New Car…

Edmunds.com, which has the highly accurate True Market Value (TMV®) and a nice system for getting a great price on a specific car from your local dealer.

TrueCar, which is great for new car pricing data, and also has a nice system for arranging an exact price from your local dealer online.

With either of these websites, it’s possible to lock in a good price on a car without ever leaving your house. No negotiation, no hassles.

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To Get A Good Deal On Auto Financing…

First, you want to visit or call your local credit union and request a pre-approval.

Second, you want visit the dealership and allow them to work up an offer for you. Sometimes, the dealership can offer you better finance terms than the credit union…but you won’t know that until you check with the credit union. Also, don’t be bashful about telling the dealership you have credit union pre-approval. If they can’t beat your rate, they’ll tell you as much.

NOTE: If you don’t belong to a credit union, odds are good you can join one via your employer. You can also look for “open enrollment” credit unions in your area, or even check out a national open enrollment credit union like Alliant.

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To Figure Out What Your Trade-In or Used Car Is Worth…

There are two great ways and one good way to figure out what your trade-in is worth:

1. You can visit KBB.com, and use their online tool to estimate the value of your car. This is a good – but not great – method for figuring out what your car is worth. The problem is that most people tend to overvalue their vehicles using online tools.

2. You can visit your local CarMax or EchoPark dealership (if there’s one in your area) and ask them for an appraisal. Both of these companies are national used car dealership chains, and both of them will give you an honest and accurate trade-in appraisal. They’ll also buy the car from you on the spot for whatever they say it’s worth.

3. You can get trade-in appraisals from a few dealerships. Most dealers won’t give you an accurate appraisal unless you’re trying to buy a car from them, so this only works if you’re planning to buy another car.

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To Find A Used Car (Or Sell Your Own Car)…

AutoTrader.com is an excellent place to search for used cars – they offer a “save a search” function that is a huge time-saver once you’ve zeroed in on the types of vehicles you want to buy.

Craigslist can be a good place to find a used car too, only you have to be careful. Learn more about Craigslist automotive fraud here.

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To Buy Replacement Parts Online…

The best place to buy replacement parts is online. The prices – especially for OEM parts – are almost always cheaper than buying at the local dealership or parts store. Here are some sites we recommend:

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To Buy Auto Accessories…

This is a random collection of sites that we like for various auto accessories:

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Misc. Parts and Stuff…

Even more random links:

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