How To Buy A Car – Our Two Minute Guide

1. Know your budget. Never buy a car until you’ve figured out what you can afford. Sit down, look at your expenses and income, and then come up with an affordable monthly payment or a cash price limit. Pro Tip: Stick to the budget! If you go over, you might regret it. 2. Give yourself a […]

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2015 R/T Challenger

A Car Nerd’s Guide To The 2015 Challenger

I don’t typically offer advice/commentary on specific new vehicle models, partially because everyone (and I mean everyone) does this, and partially because most new cars are sort of interchangeable to me. That’s not to say that I don’t have preferences or favorites (I do), but when viewed thru the lens of helping consumers maximize their […]

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car purchase

​It Followed Me Home: 5 Biggest Car Buying Mistakes

Buying a car is hard. There’s a lot of ink wasted on “car buying tips” and advice, but I’m going to flip that standard advice and tell you what I’ve seen in my years of experience as a dealerships salesperson and manager. Here are five mistakes that people often make, and you can rest assured […]

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Do Lemon Laws Cover Used Cars?

Have you ever wondered how lemon laws work when buying a used car? Laws in place, called “lemon laws” protect car buyers from “bad” cars — but these usually protect new car buyers. The catch is, it is way more common to get stuck with a bad used car than new one. A faulty used […]

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Renting Before You Buy: The New Millennial Trend

Turns out, millennials are actually a little more interested in buying cars than previously believed. This crowd that we thought to be stuck on smarts phones and social media instead of caring about cars were actually just holding out to do some hands on research before they bought. Come to find out, millennials have been […]

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Car Sales Lot

Low Pressure Auto Shopping? Yes Please!

Anyone who has ever gone shopping, or just browsing, knows that buying a car can be a high pressure ordeal. The moment you pull up into the car lot, you can see a group of very eager sale people arguing over who is (or who isn’t in some cases) going to approach you. When the […]

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It’s About to Get Much Easier to Buy a Car Online

Online shopping has definitely become a way of life in the recent years and many people think auto shopping should be added to those capabilities. The concept of heading to a dealership and going through the song and dance of buying a vehicle from a dealer in person seems…down right retro and outdated. If you […]

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