DUI high risk insurance rates
A DUI can be hard to bounce back from, especially because of a sharp increase in car insurance costs

If you have received a DUI conviction, you know that there are many ways a DUI can disrupt your life. One of the biggest obstacles to getting back on the road can be the high price of car insurance after your conviction. A DUI puts you in the highest risk category with standard insurance companies, which means you will have to pay top dollar for regular coverage. In fact, some standard insurance companies might even reject your application due to the DUI conviction. Fortunately, there are car insurance companies that offer more limited high risk insurance at a decent rate to help you rebuild your driving history so that you will eventually qualify for more reasonable rates on standard insurance policies.

An Affordable way to Stay Legal

High risk insurance can be more affordable than a standard insurance policy because it is more restricted than typical insurance policies. If you buy a high risk policy through a traditional insurance company, your policy choices will be far more limited than the choices you had before your DUI. Some insurance companies specialize in selling only high risk policies. While these high risk companies are not as well-known as some standard companies, they usually offer the best rates and policies for the highest risk drivers. High risk specialty companies are able to offer lower rates because they do not offer any extra coverage features that might lead to more expensive claims.

High Risk Usually Covers Minimum Requirements

Regardless of where you purchase your high risk car insurance policy, you will probably only be allowed to buy the legally required minimum insurance coverage for your state until your driving history has recovered from the DUI. High risk coverage is meant to be a safety net to keep you legal and allow you to drive even though your record puts you in the category of drivers most likely to file a claim. In some states, the amount of high risk insurance you are allowed to buy is regulated by the state rather than the insurance company.

Part of Rebuilding Your Driving History

High risk car insurance is one of the building blocks that you need in order to put your DUI behind you. The high risk coverage allows you to drive legally and start your driving history all over again. The only way to earn a lower risk standard insurance rating is to get out on the road and drive safely for a certain period of time. Every year that you drive a car without getting into any accidents or being issued any further traffic tickets puts you closer to being able to purchase a standard insurance policy at a more affordable rate.

Check Quotes Regularly

Since your high risk insurance rates are tied directly to the amount of time you’ve been driving safely, you should compare insurance quotes every few months to see how they are changing. You will probably not see much change in the rates you are offered during the first year after your DUI, but the quotes should begin to fluctuate once you’ve driven safely for more than a year or two. Keep track of those changes so that you can take advantage the best coverage at the lowest price as soon as possible.

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