2012 Toyota Prius

It’s a fact that Toyota is the world’s #1 auto maker. It’s also a fact that over 52 percent of all auto purchases in the U.S. are made by women and more than 85 percent of all vehicles purchases are influenced by women.

2012 Toyota Prius
What is it about Toyotas that attracts female car buyers?

Therefore it stands to reason that women like Toyotas. A lot.

Are They Just Following the Crowd?

Are women just following the spin doctors or are there more substantial reasons why they buy so many Toyotas? After all, just about every vehicle ranking service gives Toyota sterling marks for almost every category so any woman who did adhere to the Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds wouldn’t be embracing folly.

And it’s Not Just Cars

Toyota sports utility vehicles like the Toyota Highlander have taken the female market by storm. Sure they’re great for moms on the go with kids, sports equipment, musical instruments, and groceries, by why Toyota? Let’s take a moment and review some of the excellent reasons why so many women are attracted to this specific vehicle.

Besides the extensive exterior space the Highlander boasts plentiful cargo space for both moms and professional women on the go. Whats more, the Highlander earned a five star rating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ranking it one of the safest vehicles on the road. Additionally, this workhorse of a vehicle also offers a multitude of luxury upgrades to help any women travel in style.

Is it Something in the Air?

The general consensus is that women are more environmentally conscious than men, therefore Toyota’s variety of choices of hybrid vehicles would appeal to them amongst all the other features. For those who want to do their part for the environment and it’s future–and what mother doesn’t?–a hybrid is the perfect choice for both lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency.

Regardless of whether you’re a busy mom, professional or an environmentally conscious individual. Toyota vehicles–hybrid or not–offer you choices which over 9 billion cars produced speaks highly of. Next time you see one, stop and take a good look at that the #1 selling brand in the world to men and women.