How to Build the Ultimate Gearhead GarageEvery gearhead knows that their garage is really a reflection of who they are. It’s the place where they spends hour wrenching on their cars, fixing or improving their cars to their heart’s content. These garages are often home to floors stained with oil spills, posters and stickers on the walls, parts strewn about, and tool boxes full of tools.

Since you (or someone you know) spends so much time in the garage, why not take a little time and and create a professional looking workplace?

Here are some ideas to transform your standard garage into the ultimate gearhead garage:

Brand Specific Graphics

Sports guys have Fatheads© of their favorite teams/players. Why not have full-size wall posters of your favorite car? You can if it is a Ford. Ford has developed a partnership with PremierGarage who will have a consultant come to your garage and outfit it with all sorts of Ford items from themed wall art and cabinets to tables and chairs. They will help you create your ultimate Ford man-cave. And what is better than parking your Ford Shelby Mustang next to a full-size poster of it?

Custom Garage Shelving and Tool Bins

How to Build the Ultimate Gearhead Garage: Custom Shelves

Anybody can walk into a home improvement store and find faux steel covered “garage cabinets.” Why not take that idea to the next level by building a “bay” for parking your car into with custom themed cabinetry and tool bins. Having a parking spot lined with a color scheme that matches your car is like the professional NASCAR garages on TV.

With custom garage shelving and tool bins you will not only create the ultimate working space, you will be giving your car a home!

Heating and Cooling

You spend a lot of time in your garage right? Why don’t you put in A/C and heat? This way it won’t matter what the outside temperature says, you can work in comfort. And spending hours working in comfort on your favorite car is what it is all about, right?

Residential-Use Vehicle Lifts

How to Build the Ultimate Gearhead Garage: Residential-Use Vehicle Lifts

The worst part of working on a car is getting to the underside to make repairs/modifications. Solve that problem by installing a recreational-use vehicle lift and never crawl along the floor again. Having the ability to raise the car when needed makes working on the car a lot easier.

Specialty Garage Flooring Covers

For 90% of garage owners, the floor is a concrete gray color with splotches of oil stains. It doesn’t need to be this way though. There are many different epoxies that not only seal the floor making it easier to clean up fluid leaks, but also have custom colors and designs. You stand all day on your garage floor— why not stand on a surface you like?

Don’t settle for being that gearhead with a concrete floor and grease-covered white cabinets. You take pride in your car, now take pride in your garage.

Guest author Sarah Bolt writes for Steel Line Garage Doors, an Australian company that offers a full line of garage doors for commercial and residential buildings.