Everyone has their dream car. That one particular vehicle that you would trade life, limb or a first born to get a chance to own. For some people it may be a 2003 Ferrari Enzo. Others may be drawn to a Bugatti Veyron. Or maybe your ideal vehicle is something simple, like a Chevy Truck or a John Deer Tractor. It is great to dream about owning these cars because the harsh reality is that, unless we make money like Jay Leno, we will probably never be able to own one of these priceless vehicles.

Paper Bugatti model
A paper version of the Bugatti Veyron. Image from VisualSpicer.com – click the image to learn more.

Luckily for us, the internet can help this dream come true. Automotive paper models are becoming more and more popular with hobbyists and collectors. These models are gaining reputation for a variety of reasons. They don’t use harsh and dangerous glues or paints, they are inexpensive to purchase and build and there is an amazingly large variety of vehicles and options.

Close-up of paper Veyron
A close-up of the paper Bugatti above. Be sure to visit VisualSpicer.com to see more photos if you haven’t done so already (click on the pic).

If you’ve done any model building in the past, you may remember working in your room for a few hours on your newest model. You would sit at your desk and glue the tiny pieces together using model glue that probably made your head spin after a few hours. If you got the glue on your skin, you could almost count on getting a rash or losing some skin. The aerosol paint was equally dangerous, and if you spent any time painting in the garage you would probably get a headache. Paper models can use safe school glue and don’t have to be painted after they are assembled so they’re safe for all ages.

Most of the automotive paper models on the internet can be found for free or just a few dollars. In the days of plastic models you would be required to purchase the model kit, special glue, expensive paint and paintbrushes. Paper models are easily assembled with scissors and glue that you probably already have at your house. For a nominal fee, a printing company can print the model on a thick card stock using a color laser printer. This will make the colors on the model look amazing with very little expense.

Paper truck
A paper version of the 2014 Silverado, created by GMPartsOnline.net. Click to download the model PDF.

Perhaps the best thing about paper models is that there is an almost limitless selection of choices for the collector. It’s easy to find templates for military vehicles, luxury cars, tractor trailers, heavy machinery and farm equipment. These templates can be customized using simple graphic software to change color schemes and add personalized touches such as tinted windows and custom paint jobs.

If you love to collect cars but don’t have the means (or garage space) to purchase all of your favorites, paper models are definitely worth checking out.

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