Have you always wanted to show off your writing skills and knowledge of your favorite automotive topics? Do you read articles about cars online and think of ways you could improve them?


CarNewsCafe.com wants to give you the chance to flex your writing muscles and show the world why you’re the next great automotive journalist. If you’ve never been published and have a passion for writing and cars, get ready to compete to win a chance to get your name out there (oh, and there’s a cash prize too).

Notes About the Contest:

  • Submissions can cover industry pieces, reviews of certain car models, an overview of automotive technology, or helpful write-up/DIY article.
  • Article topics should be “Evergreen,” meaning people can discuss them for weeks, months, years. etc. This will make it so your article isn’t outdated by the time the contest is over and the piece is published.
  • Anything you submit should be well composed, at least 500 words but no longer than 1,500, and turned in by May 31st.
  • A submission fee does apply, so take your time, think it out, and do your best. You can submit as many articles as you like, but you should still make each one count.
  • One of the prizes for the winner is $300 in addition to having your piece and byline published on the site.

To review the complete rules and get information about the prize incentive, visit the contest page here.