Over the weekend of October 4th-6th, the GoodGuys 21st Lone Star Nationals rolled through Texas and classic car parts company H&H Classic got the best coverage around.

There was a lot of Chevy pride in the Lone Star state

This show featured the best in pre-1972 Chevrolet vehicles — including classics, customs, hot roads, trucks, and more.

There were many vintage trucks around

A very notable presence at this show was the number of vintage trucks that entered.

People got to see classic trucks in perfect condition

Many different years and models were around

It was a real treat for all enthusiasts as old school trucks don’t usually come out to car shows in such large numbers.

Custom trucks were an exciting addition to the show

There were even quite a few highly customized trucks on display for lucky show-goers to see.

This bold Nova was a show stopper

It wasn’t all trucks though, many muscle cars were roaming around throughout the weekend.

This Nova was hard to ignore

From the brightly colored…

A very cool Nova

…to the cool and sleek.

There were many Novas around to keep everyone on their toes — and in addition to Novas, there were also many Chevelles in the show as well.

A rare scene

Some were very sleek and stunning like this model.

What an intimidating Chevelle

Other Chevelles brought the intimidating factor into old school muscle cars.

Spotted were a 1st gen and 2nd gen Corvette, side-by-side

Spectators also got an eyeful of many elegant and sporty first and second generation Corvettes.

Beautiful red Chevy Bel Air

Lovers of the Chevy Bel Air could see many models in perfect condition — like this awesome red one.

Extremely clean Impala with custom wheels

Other full-size Chevrolets dominated the show — Impalas like this highly polished and well maintained one drew large crowds of on-lookers.

A LS1 fitted nicely into this vintage Chevy

For those who value horsepower, many of these vintage rides sported Chevy Gen III LS engines in place of their original Chevy blocks.

A first generation Camaro SS with a LS1

These LSx equipped classics probably catch many competitors off-guard, starting out with double the horsepower of the original stock motors in these models.

Everyone left the show as a happier person that day as the best of the best could be seen at every turn in the Texas Motor Speedway.

Which model there was your favorite?