How to Use the Device

It’s probably due to my height and the position of the seat in relation to the seat belt buckle in my car, but I’ve noticed a high level of discomfort from my seat belt when I’m driving — this has led me to keep an eye out for products that might help, and I’ve found one worth mentioning…

It's Important to Wear Your Seat Belt

Could This Product Work for People Like Me? 

Wearing your seat belt is the law in all areas that I’m aware of, and while I can’t argue with the logic behind the laws. Additionally, wearing your seatbelt is also another part of being a good driver and setting a good example for your kids. Still, it’s a little frustrating that I can’t get comfortable with my seat belt on.

What I discovered was a device I haven’t seen before — it’s called the Seat Belt Comfort Device and it was invented by Gene Robbins. The system is meant to increase comfort as well as the functionality in use.

The product seems to have encouraged a lot more people to use their seat belt in the car, people like me who have a hard time wearing one comfortably. It’s meant to eliminate the chaffing by changing the seat belt position so you’ll use it right instead of throwing shoulder strap behind you or just not wearing it altogether.

It also works for both adults and children who are able to use the car’s seat belts, which is a huge deal. My son constantly tries to move the shoulder strap to his back, and something like this could help his comfort and therefore compliance.


I’ve tried some alternatives to this design, and I am not a fan. A major device out there for seat belt discomfort is the kind you slip over the seat belt strap, but it doesn’t put the belt in any better of a position than it was the begin with. All it does it keep the side of the belt from chaffing your neck by putting a softer material in between you and the belt.

There’s other devices that are meant to change the position of the belt and moves the strap more towards the middle of your body, but those have to be removed and readjusted each time you get in and out of the car.

How It Installs 

The claim is that it can be installed into the car and left there, it’s also supposed to be so easy to install that a kid could handle the task. Easy installation is really important to me, especially since I have no patience for removing and reinstalling something every time I go somewhere. Here’s the illustration of the product.

How to Use the Device

1: Remove the product from the package and unfold it from both ends.

2: Put on your seat belt like normal.

3: Pull the belt strap away from your body.

4: Place the Seat Belt Comfort Device beneath your seat belt and wrap the tabs around the belt.

5: Fasten the Velcro tabs, then slide your arm through and adjust the buckle for your comfort.

In Conclusion, Here’s Why You Should Try This if Your Seat Belt is Causing Discomfort:

  • Seat Belts Save Lives
  • The Majority of the People Killed in Car Wrecks Were Not Wearing Their Seat Belt
  • This Device Increases Seat Belt Comfort
  • It Can Be Used by Adults & Children