Top Gear is one of the most popular automotive TV shows in the world. They cover all sorts of automotive topics, perform stunts, and of course review some of the best cars in the world.

Here’s a list of the coolest Australian cars featured on this esteemed program.

Coolest Aussie Top Gear Cars: Ford Performance Vehicle - F6
The Ford Performance Vehicle – F6: The sort of car that makes you proud to be Aussie and happy to be alive. Photo: Highway Patrol Images.

Ford Performance Vehicle – F6

Ford has two divisions “down under” – standard Ford cars and Ford Performance Vehicles. Let’s just say all the excitement is in the FPV vehicles.

The FPV F6 in particular is the stand-out model of that line and is quite the sports sedan. So much so, that Top Gear calls it “the kind of car that makes you proud to be Australian and happy to be alive. It also makes you make strange, ape-like grunting sounds. Damn but it’s good.”

Holden Ute

The Holden Ute is a throwback for many American’s since it resembles the 70s cars with beds like the Chevy El Camino. Top Gear calls it “One of the sexiest auto shapes on the planet at the moment, the Holden Ute is no less practical for it.”

While the “sexy” label is up for debate it is a roomy, reliable mix of truck/car with the option of a V-6 or a huge 6.0L V-8.

Ford Performance Vehicle – Pursuit

Coolest Aussie Top Gear Cars: FPV- Pursuit
The FPV Pursuit boasts 5.4L V-8. Why? Because it can. Photo by thomasrdotorg.

An interesting name for an interesting car – the Pursuit. This car is a lot like the Holden Ute in terms of styling. It comes with a 5.4L V-8 that is fast – really fast. It is more than capable of handling all your drag racing or grocery getting needs. Not quite sure why it is so powerful, but who cares.

The “Super Ute” is a smooth ride for a Ute with plenty of room in the bed. While handling isn’t as great as it could be, the Ute is a great blend of performance and usability.

Holden Special Vehicle – W247

The Holden Special Vehicle brand (HSV) is like the FPV stable of vehicles – luxuries, high power machines. The W247 is the top example of the best HSV can produce. Top Gear says “Imagine if Oprah and Bill Gates had a love child. It’s that powerful.”

The W247 is fast, powerful and sexy looking. Probably better suited to running on a race track since it gets to 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) in 4.6 seconds. Can you say fast!

The other really cool thing about this car is that only 427 of them will be built. Driving an exceptionally cool, fast and exclusive car will give you goose bumps.

Next time you are down under, check out these cars and see if you agree with Top Gear.

Author David Lye writes for, a website that helps Aussie car buyers find the best deals.