If you’re a heavy hitting auto enthusiast and you’re swinging for the fences, it doesn’t get any bigger than the annual SEMA show, stepping up to the plate November 1st. With Las Vegas’ biggest car show, SEMA brings out the auto industries biggest bats and lets you get a chance to see what’s on its’ way to a road near you.

2011 SEMA car show world series
The 2011 SEMA car show is the World Series of the auto industry, especially after-market accessories.

SEMA stands for the Specialty Equipment Market Association and true to its’ name, you can be sure anything in SEMA’s show is going to make your car bigger, faster, and stronger. SEMA features the industries hottest cars fitted with the best and most innovative aftermarket parts. From the engine to the interior, SEMA shows off the newest equipment to turn your car into a fastball on speed traps on any road.

Aftermarket companies across the world bring their newest projects to SEMA and through the years some pretty legendary cars and products have made their debut at the Las Vegas Convention Centers spectacular show. Covering speed, audio, wheels, electronics, and more, if it’s hot SEMA’s got it on the show floor, and it’s non-stop home runs from the time you step up to the plate. From fancy one-of-a-kind concept cares to run-of-the-mill accessories from Toyota’s TRD, SEMA has everything.

The show invites manufacturers, media outlets, buyers, and tons of specialists out to see what’s up next for the auto markets true high-end gear heads. As an event closed to the public, SEMA is a truly professional showing of the car worlds best and brightest minds, debuting parts, exotic cars, and even boasting it’s own awards ceremonies. Walking onto the SEMA show floor is like walking into a car lovers dream, and SEMA isn’t just about cars, it’s about car, truck, SUV, import, and exotic car culture as well. There’s something for everyone at SEMA, from those looking for inspiration to those looking for that next tweak that will start them on the road to restoration or place them in the pole position on the track.

If you’re trying to take your car to the next level, SEMA is an obvious stop on the way there and you’ll be sure to rub elbows with entertainment and auto celebrities alike. Attracting much more than your everyday auto enthusiast, SEMA puts itself head and shoulders above the competition with it’s knack for flare and flash, but don’t let the bright lights fool you. SEMA is 100% auto driven and is always the hottest thing when it opens and closes it’s doors to the world each year.

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