Driving Can Be Dangerous

Smarter Cars for Aging Drivers

As my elders begin to age, they seem to have more discomfort when it comes to driving. I’ve always noticed a hesitation from my grandparents about going to the store because they “have to get into the car” (their words) to go anywhere. Driving shouldn’t be such a hassle.

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How to Use the Device

Device Significantly Increases Seat Belt Comfort

It’s probably due to my height and the position of the seat in relation to the seat belt buckle in my car, but I’ve noticed a high level of discomfort from my seat belt when I’m driving — this has led me to keep an eye out for products that might help, and I’ve found […]

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Red Semi

5 Winter Driving Tips from a Seasoned Trucker

*This is a guest post by experienced trucker Hank Barton. Be sure to share if you like this post! As a trucker of more than a decade and a half, I can confirm that there’s a universal truth among all truckers – and it’s that none of us love the snow. But commerce doesn’t stop […]

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Tesla Model S

The Safest Wheels on the Road

For many auto enthusiasts, advancing technologies in automobiles is a thrilling prospect – faster acceleration, higher top-speeds, better efficiency (and so forth.) Manufacturers release new models annually featuring all of these impressive additions and modifications; but for many drivers, the most important feature of their vehicle is how well it defends drivers in the case […]

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Cars Are Just As Dangerous As Guns

Here’s a popular question on Quora.com right now: Why is America’s Car Culture, which kills 40,000 people per year OK, but our Gun Culture, which kills far fewer, of such great concern? It has 67 answers (including one from yours truly), 122 followers, and more than 24k views. If I had to guess, Id’ say this […]

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Motorcycles Are Dangerous [Infographic]

Call me biased, but I’m not a fan of motorcycles. I feel this way because: 1. Helmet laws either don’t exist or aren’t enforced. As a car owner, I’m legally obligated to where a safety belt. If I don’t, I’m breaking the law and I can expect a ticket. Yet in Colorado (and many other […]

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