I received an email yesterday from Adam at uShip telling me a little about their company and their services. Basically, you can post what you need shipped (your car, for instance), where to pick it up, drop it off, etc. as well as essential details about your shipment. Then, shipping companies look at your post and bid on the opportunity to move your goods. The system works a lot like eBay in the sense that people don’t know your real name or address (at least not until you decide to do business), and they bid on the job.

In short, it’s an excellent idea. When I worked in the car business, I was constantly working with shipping companies to move vehicles around the country. I worked at a smaller dealership with limited inventory, so I was often contracting companies to pick up brand new vehicles we had sold to a local customer through a “dealer locate.” Most of the time, these dealerships were just a few hundred miles away. Occasionally, I would need to order transport for much farther (I once needed a vehicle delivered to a customer in Alaska, and I’ve also bought a couple in the middle of Ohio for shipment to Denver). I wish I had known about this website then. I think it would have saved my dealership some money (and me some profit).

The only thing I can say about the service (because I haven’t used it) is that it doesn’t look like they have many bidders signed up yet – at least in the vehicle shipping category. There are a lot of posts for shipping vehicles, but most don’t have bids. None the less, of the handful of bids I looked at, the prices seemed pretty reasonable (based on my experience).

So, if you’re thinking about shipping your vehicle across country, it can’t hurt to post a listing on uShip. It also looks like you can list postings for more than cars too – so it seems worth checking out. Here’s the link:

uShip Auto Transport

Anyone have any experience with uShip? Please comment below.

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