A reader wrote in to inquire about a problem he has with his Nissan 350z. This might be helpful to the rest of you as well since it has to do with the airbag malfunction light and lemon laws.

Reader question: I bought a Nissan 350z in November 2008 and after 2-3 weeks of driving it off the lot, the airbag light came on. I have taken the car into the service center twice. The first time they tried to fix it and the second time they replaced the unit.

Just recently the light came on again, and I’m just tired of it. Does this mean that the car is considered a lemon? Please help!

Accurate Auto Advice Answer: The scenario you describe doesn’t fall under the legal definition of a “lemon.” Here’s my definition of a lemon:

A new vehicle with a problem that can not be fixed after three repair attempts by the manufacturer, during the period of the manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s important to note that only the original purchaser of a new vehicle can appeal for a lemon law claim.

Since this is only the second instance, you would need to let the dealer make yet another repair and then wait to see if it fails once more. If it does fail, then you will have passed the test for three failed repairs.

My suggestion – electronics can be tricky. Give the dealership a chance to fix what you’ve got and hope for the best. Also make sure to get documentation of this repair. That way, if the dealer can’t fix it again, you’ve got paperwork to show you have a legitimate claim.

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