If you drive a Ford Edge vehicle that has been manufactured over the last ten years, then the chances are you will have the factory-installed GPS device built-in to the dashboard as this is offered by their official dealers as an optional extra. Having the Ford navigation system negates the needs to pay for a standalone product from the likes of Garmin and TomTom and it is also considered to be very easy to use. However, if you are struggling to use your Ford system and want some extra guidance then please read the notes below which relate to the systems released between 2003 and 2011.

Ford Edge navigation system
The new Ford Edge navigation system

Once you are sat down in the car and have turned the Ford’s ignition on, the GPS dashboard system should automatically initiate, although on some older models you might need to activate it manually by pressing the “NAV” button to the left hand side of the system console. This will switch you in-car entertainment system into navigation GPS mode.

You can now press the “MAP” button which is located on the display itself, which is touch-screen, using similar operating graphics to the radio and CD player options. The GPS will take a short few seconds to jump into operation and it is ready once you see the digital maps appear – which will also now show you your exact location using the GPS networks orbiting satellites. The map view will be top-down and will display the street names and area that your car is currently in.

Now it is possible to tell the Ford GPS where you want to go. This is very simple, so press the “DIRECTIONS” button on the display. You can now type the address in to where you want to go, or even type in the name of a business. So for example, type in “Walmart” and it will return the ones that are nearest to your location letting you then press “GO” in order to drive to them. If you do wish to navigate to an address then you will need to know the exact city, street, and zip code in order to let the Ford Navigation System do its magic.

Once your destination is verified, the Ford Edge Navigation will take you there using spoken word turn by turn directions and commands. Newer models are now also coming with voice activated technology which allow you to speak where you want to go, with the system having around a 90% comprehension rate of US and North American locations.

One last thing, the digital maps you see on the display are stored on the device itself and will require updating. The new software maps come on DVDs which you can buy once a year. Please visit FordNavigationDVD.net, a website run by Ford enthusiasts to learn more and find the cheapest online prices and deals on navigation updates.

Author Bob Simmons writes for FordNavigationDVD.net, a website offering Ford Navigation System Update DVDs for all Ford vehicles, including the Ford Edge.

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