1960 Karmann Ghia

8 Winter Storage Tips for Vintage or Classic Cars

Once Fall takes root, many vintage and classic car owners prefer to hibernate their pride and joy to steer clear of the worst of the cold winter weather. However, it’s good to keep in mind that cars are designed for regular use and leaving them dormant for too long may do more harm than good. […]

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How to Use the Device

Device Significantly Increases Seat Belt Comfort

It’s probably due to my height and the position of the seat in relation to the seat belt buckle in my car, but I’ve noticed a high level of discomfort from my seat belt when I’m driving — this has led me to keep an eye out for products that might help, and I’ve found […]

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What Causes Us to Become Bad Drivers?

Tailgating, speeding, road rage, and other reckless behaviors are very dangerous on the road — and most people know about these dangers. Careless driving can cause many innocent people to experience serious injuries and even death, so why do people engage in these behaviors?

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Ford Says “Sayonara” to the GT350

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 has been one of the most popular Mustang models ever — but it seems this connotation has worn out its welcome. It was recently announced that Shelby American, Inc. will end the production of the modern generation of the iconic American muscle car. Production of the other Shelby performance cars […]

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Very large car lot.

How the Chinese Auto Industry Stacks Up Against The US

The Chinese economy has been growing at an incredibly fast pace for about three decades now, after a series of reforms were carried out in the late 1980s. China has opened its doors to foreign investments, liberalized foreign trade, and made significant efforts to educate its workforce, which has resulted in an enormous industrial expansion. […]

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Braking Bad: Why Big Rig Brakes Fail

Everyone has seen a horrible trucking accident on the news or, even worse, in person. But what causes those accidents? Some people find it surprising to learn that brake-related issues are responsible for just over 29 percent of all large truck crashes. According to the Department of Transportation, these accidents can be caused by brakes […]

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Want To Improve MPG? “Just lose weight,” says Professor Know-It-All

Sometimes I stumble across a piece of automotive “insight” that’s beyond absurd. Today, I found that insight on BBC.co.uk. According to Professor Gordon Murray (who really knows what he’s talking about because he’s worked on Formula race cars, the most absurdly expensive racing vehicles ever built), improving vehicle fuel economy is simply a matter of […]

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