Car seat covers made out of neoprene are not just a fad, especially in terms of maintaining and protecting the interior of your vehicle. Neoprene is a stable chemical used to make wet suits for deep-sea divers, which means there are a couple of benefits that car owners can appreciate.

Coverking Neoprene Seat Covers
Neoprene seat covers, like this set from Coverking, offer vehicle owners a lot of benefits.

Neoprene is special because, in addition to the five characteristics below, it’s very durable. In terms of your car, this durability has many advantages over standard car seat covers. Nearly indestructible seat covers are one of those things that just make a car owners life easier, like scheduling maintenance to prevent breakdowns or comparing car insurance quotes online rather than calling five companies individually.

Here are five reasons to think about neoprene seat covers:

Reason #1: Protection from High Temperatures

Although the temperature outside may feel like 100 or 110 degrees, the temperature inside your car may rise to 140 of 150 degrees. If you have a leather interior, you are well aware of how uncomfortable sitting down in your car can be; you may feel like you are getting into an oven. Neoprene seat covers, however, absorb less heat, making them much more comfortable on your bottom.

In the summer months, your seats will be cooler, and they will stay warmer over the winter months. Neoprene also helps your car’s air conditioning and heating systems perform more efficiently because they do not work as hard to cool and heat your vehicle.

Reason #2: Withstand Elements

Neoprene seat covers do not fade in the sun as easily as other seat covers, so they look better longer. If you spend a significant amount of time outdoors or getting in and out of your car, you know that car seat covers must be able to be cleaned easily. Neoprene can be simply wiped off to remove any dirt or grime that can build up as the result of taking your children to sports practices, driving your dog to the veterinarian or getting in your car after a long day on the construction job site.

Reason #3: Shock Protection

Even though your vehicle has a natural suspension system, adding an extra layer between you, the vehicle and the road can provide you with extra shock protection. Not only will you notice an increased level of comfort simply by sitting on the seats, but the padded seat covers will also help to absorb the jolts, bumps and potholes you may hit while driving.

Reason #4: It’s Non-Flammable

If you are a smoker, chances are you may have dropped a cigarette or two on your car seat. These accidents can damage seats very quickly. Neoprene seat covers, however, are non-flammable, so any ashes or cigarettes you drop will not cause damage to your seat.

Reason #5: Prevents Moisture Buildup

Because neoprene is made of the same material divers use in their wetsuits, car seat covers made out of this material can keep any spills or excess moisture from harming your car seats. Neoprene seat covers are best for individuals who own open-topped cars since the material can withstand rain and dries quickly.

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