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Best Gifts for Aging Drivers

Aging is something that will happen to us all eventually, but this doesn’t mean that it has to stop us from driving. There are many accessories on the market that can help you have a much safer and more comfortable drive and we’re going to look at the best of them.

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Are Automotive Touch Screen Systems Worth Buying?

Automotive Touch Screen

With more and more companies offering their own infotainment packages on new cars, it’s worth wondering if these systems are worth the price. As “cool” as they are, touch screen systems often result in consumer complaints, sometimes fail to supplant the simple knobs and buttons they replace, and can even be distracting. Read more

​10 Best Pickup Truck Accessories for 2014

Whether you are looking for more horsepower and better gas mileage, keeping the interior of your truck clean or securing cargo in the bed, you will find an accessory that will be a perfect fit for your truck from this top 10 list. Read more

​It Followed Me Home: 5 Biggest Car Buying Mistakes

Buying a car is hard. There’s a lot of ink wasted on “car buying tips” and advice, but I’m going to flip that standard advice and tell you what I’ve seen in my years of experience as a dealerships salesperson and manager.

Here are five mistakes that people often make, and you can rest assured these mistakes are expensive. Read more

My Brakes Are Pulling Right or Left – Why?

When you apply the brakes while driving, the brake system should slow and stop straight and true. If you are experiencing any pull from your vehicle while braking, it could be any number of things that are causing the problem. Here are the usual suspects that lead to brake pull. Read more