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​10 Best Pickup Truck Accessories for 2014

Whether you are looking for more horsepower and better gas mileage, keeping the interior of your truck clean or securing cargo in the bed, you will find an accessory that will be a perfect fit for your truck from this top 10 list. Read more

​It Followed Me Home: 5 Biggest Car Buying Mistakes

Buying a car is hard. There’s a lot of ink wasted on “car buying tips” and advice, but I’m going to flip that standard advice and tell you what I’ve seen in my years of experience as a dealerships salesperson and manager.

Here are five mistakes that people often make, and you can rest assured these mistakes are expensive. Read more

My Brakes Are Pulling Right or Left – Why?

When you apply the brakes while driving, the brake system should slow and stop straight and true. If you are experiencing any pull from your vehicle while braking, it could be any number of things that are causing the problem. Here are the usual suspects that lead to brake pull. Read more

Ask AAA: Do First-Time Buyers Have To Pay High Interest Rates AND Provide Big Down Payments?

Question: I’m a first-time buyer trying to borrow $16,000 for a car, and most of the lenders are telling me that I’ll pay 14-21% interest rate as well as providing a big down payment. One lender even told me that I’d pay a high interest rate AND have to put $6,000 down. Is there anything I can do to reduce the rate and/or down payment requirement?

Answer: Yes. Especially if you can delay your purchase a few months.

Read more

How to Tell If Your Vehicle Needs Alignment

A vehicle is aligned to its suspension — a proper alignment offers control and stability. Daily driving can affect the alignment since roads can be rough, and can stress the shocks, springs, and the rest of the suspension.

Here are some indicators that your vehicle may need an alignment:

  • Tires exhibit uneven wear on the outside.
  • The steering wheel vibrates when driving.
  • The vehicle appears to be drifting to one side while driving straight.
  • The vehicle is going straight, but the steering wheel is off-center.

tire & align

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